Knowledge Management – quotes and recipes

Knowledge Managers often use quotes and analogies when discussing and explaining aspects of knowledge management.

Of the many quotes to select from, one that could be used to help position what knowledge management is all about is by Arian Ward (Work Frontiers International): “The idea is not to create an encyclopaedia of everything that everybody knows, but to keep track of people who ‘know the recipe’, and nurture the technology and culture that will get them talking”.

What I like about this quote is that it refers to the people ‘who know the recipe’ and the use of a recipe as an analogy is also often used when discussing and explaining aspects of knowledge management.

Knowledge Managers will be aware that whilst quotes and analogies are helpful, it’s not the quote or analogy itself that is important, but how it is used and the context in which it is used.

In a recent article in the Daily Telegraph an expert on recipes, Delia Smith, reminds us that “you can’t learn cooking from cook books”.  I’ll leave it to use to decide whether this new quote from Delia Smith and the analogy of a recipe is helpful or unhelpful in your organisation.

For those interested in obtaining more quotes on knowledge management check out the blog Dove Lane: Kaye Vivian’s observations on knowledge, virtual worlds and uncommon things.


2 Responses to Knowledge Management – quotes and recipes

  1. Nick Milton says:

    You can’t learn cooking without cook books either!

  2. Hexigo says:

    Nice quotes on knowledge management.

    We’re a new start-up that created a knowledge management system, and we’d like to use some of those quotes at some stage in the future.

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